Proven Solutions

99% of all automated solutions needed in the South African market is already installed at customer’s sites world-wide. With an extensive network of suppliers world-wide, we deliver solutions without the uncertainty factor to our customers. By doing this we minimise the total cost for any client's project.




When production efficiency is important to you, you know how much a week delay or late delivery can negatively affect your business. With proven solution the risk of something not working will be far less than if your supplier is providing a first-off solution. Less worries for you as a customer - more output.


In business and society and across the world, change is the only constant. At no time in history this is more true than today. Automation, like computing, is a productivity tool. Industrial robots and automation solutions are more capable than ever. We can provide added value through improved productivity and process repeatability.



With more than 10 years in the automation industry and robotics, we know the true value of proven solutions. We have recently delivered production systems in South Africa that are cutting edge. This provides our customers with opportunities to manufacture more components for the automotive industry in South Africa.


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